"Clickful has become a long-term partner of ours as they have consistently delivered quality performance for our campaigns."
- Monica Yeung, Founder, SIMSIM

Success story


SIMSIM is one of the most successful customers of Clickful, with whom we are sharing a common path to success. The first phase of this campaign started as early as November 2016, and 6 months later they could achieve a 35% increase in CTR and a 100% increase in conversions. Today they are running full campaigns set up in 2 languages, promoting multiple offers.

  • 35% increase in click-through rate
  • 100% increase in conversions
"Clickful helped us garner sales and brand recognition in a few short months. Would definitely recommend their platform to business owners.”
- Daughin Chan, Founder, Royal Scandinavian group

Success story


For its new mobile website, the Hong-Kong based Scandinavian seafood importer came to us to run a 2-month Facebook campaign. With Clickful, they garnered over 6,000 clicks for under HK$0.50 each, reaching over 70,000 people in Hong-Kong. Using the perfect blend of Facebook Audience Network and Newsfeed ads, we were able to drive down the Cost-Per-Click drastically while keeping campaign’s overall Click-through-rate at over 2%, which is 4X over the market average.

  • Drove down cost-per-click to HK0.50
  • Increase reach to 70,000